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The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

Peer-reviewed articles on the diagnosis and classification of psychiatric disorders of later life.

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AAGP Online Store

AAGP publishes a number of books and materials, as well as distributes select volumes from other publishers. The selection ranges from books, self assessments, and publications of ground-breaking research.


Self-assessment educational program designed with study questions, answers, and critiques based on current medical literature.

AAGP COVID-19 Online Trainee Curriculum

Modules created by members of the AAGP Teaching and Training Committee.

AAGP CME/CE Educational Webinars

FREE educational webinar series with available CME/CE credit hours.

AAGP 2022 Geriatric Psychiatry Review Course

Prepare for your medical geriatric psychiatry board exam with this in-depth CME program.

Corporate Advisory Partners

The AAGP Corporate Advisory Council provides a unique forum for leaders of the Association, Foundation, and industry to discuss the issues impacting older adults with mental illnesses and health care professionals in the field of geriatric psychiatry.

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