AAGP Welcomes Students and Trainees!

Whether you are a medical student, psychiatry resident or fellow, or a graduate student, AAGP has a place for you. AAGP is committed to growing the field of providers caring for the mental health needs of older adults. Participation in AAGP gives you access to the leading experts in geriatric mental health care and will help to expand your network and grow your career while ensuring you receive the most updated information and education.

AAGP Membership for Residents

Psychiatry residents and fellows are eligible to join AAGP as Members-in-Training (MIT). Members-in-Training pay significantly reduced membership fees (only $50 per year), but receive all the benefits of full membership. MITs are voting members of the organization and have representation on the Board of Directors through the MIT Board Member.

Membership Application

AAGP Membership for Medical Students & Graduate Students

AAGP has a student membership category to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the profession via publications, meetings, and networking with those already involved in the field. AAGP offers two types of student membership:

  1. Student membership with an online-only subscription to the association’s journal, the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (AJGP); access to the members-only portion of the AAGP website with information on job opportunities, position statements, etc.; discounts on AAGP programs and products, and the receipt of membership mailings including the AAGP’s newsletter, Geriatric Psychiatry News. Dues: $50/year.
  2. Student membership with all the benefits listed in Option 1, other than the online-only subscription to the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (AJGP). Dues: $25/year.

Membership Application for Medical Students

Membership Application for Graduate Students