DSM-5 replaced the term Dementia with Neurocognitive Disorders (NCD) and greatly expanded the diagnostic framework by finally recognizing the existence of non-amnestic presentations of dementia. The five neurocognitive domains of DSM-IV were replaced with the six cognitive domains of learning and memory, language, perceptual-motor, executive function, complex attention and social cognition in DSM-5. This practical session will cover outpatient cognitive screening in the neurocognitive disorders, focusing on these six DSM-5 domains. Indications for and benefits of neuropsychological testing and coding and billing issues related to office cognitive screening will be discussed, and tips will be provided for clinicians at all levels which can be easily incorporated into an office practice.

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  1. Obtain a focused clinical history of relevant cognitive domains in patients with presumed NCD
  2. Choose the best combination of office cognitive screening tests based on history
  3. Determine when and how to refer for neuropsychological testing
  4. Know how to code and bill for office cognitive screening so as to not leave any money on the table

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