How to Use These Resources

The impetus for development of this curriculum resource section grew out of the February 2002 AAGP Training Directors program in Orlando, Florida entitled "Curriculum in Geriatric Psychiatry: Who, how and where are we teaching what." There was clear consensus among the training director participants that the field needed curriculum resources that would provide a synthesis of knowledge resources, teaching methods and contexts useful to geriatric psychiatry training directors.

The task force members who volunteered to work on this project used a number of sources including the medical and educational literature, ACGME and ABPN websites, the AAGP training directors listserve, and notes and transcripts from the 2002 training directors meeting. Since that meeting the ACGME has encoded core competency requirements for all specialty training and proposed geriatric psychiatry core competency definitions. In order to facilitate application, the major resources provided here are organized to be consistent with the core competency construct.

At each subsequent training directors meeting, it became apparent that the resource guides should be "living" documents, easily accessible and adaptable to the needs of training programs in a changing system of accreditation and certification. This is the reason for the web-based version where documents can be downloaded and adapted for site specific purposes.

This section is the first step of a process that will facilitate dialogue among training directors and support them in their educational mission. Your feedback on the resources is welcome.

Susan Lieff, MD, MEd, FRCPC

Curriculum Resource Editor in Chief