Last year, we achieved a record $106,704 in donations for the Scholars Program. Some of this funding was disbursed to the 2020 Scholars prior to our cancelled 2020 Annual meeting. Although we do have some remaining funds on reserve, we kindly ask that you continue to support our Scholars Program, the preeminent pipeline for trainees into geriatric psychiatry in North America, by December 31.

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Geriatric Psychiatrists are struggling to keep pace with the growing number of elderly patients requiring our expert care. In July 2012, the Institute of Medicine report projected the number of adults age 65 and older in the USA will grow to more than 72 million by 2030. In their support of the IOM study, the American Psychiatric Association cited estimates that the ratio of geriatric psychiatrist per older Americans will fall from “one for every 23,000 older Americans” to “one geriatric psychiatrist for every 27,000 individuals 65 and older by 2030”. In 2008, the Scholars Program was created to expose psychiatry residents and medical students to our field with the goal of inspiring interest in the pursuit of a Geriatric Psychiatry fellowship. To find out more about the 2021 AAGP Virtual Scholars Conference, please click here.


What will my 2021 donations be used for?

The 2021 AAGP Scholars Program will be virtual. Therefore, we will not need to reimburse Scholars for travel expenses. However, we do anticipate some expenses associated with 2021 Program. These include: 

    • A professional Zoom account to host the 2021 Scholars Virtual Conference and other online activities for the Scholars Program we will offer throughout the year
    • AAGP membership and annual meeting registration for each Scholar, which comes at a cost to our organization
    • Meal and bookstore vouchers to incentivize participation in the Virtual program

All remaining funds after the 2021 Virtual program will be used to support 2022 AAGP Scholars. We know it has been a difficult year for everyone, but please do consider donating this year if you can.


Donor Recognition

Since the cost for each Scholar will be less in 2021 than previous years, we will publish to the AAGP membership and all Scholars the following honors for each donor who contributes at these levels by December 31: 

    • $500 Donation
    • You or your organization can receive a "Named Scholarship" of your choosing, e.g. "The Yale University Scholarship." (Named Scholarships were set at $2,500 in previous years.)

    • $1,000 Donation
    • Bronze Donor distinction
    • Named Scholarship
    • $1,500 Donation 
    • Silver Donor distinction
    • Named Scholarship 
    • $2,000 Donation
    • Gold Donor distinction
    • Named Scholarship
    • $2,500 Donation
    • Platinum Donor distinction
    • Named Scholarship

“I applied to the AAGP Scholars Program to explore the field of geriatric psychiatry and solidify my decision to pursue a career in geriatric mental health.  The mentorship and career development opportunities surpassed my expectations especially given the challenges and travel restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.  During fellowship interviews the Scholars Program was frequently a topic of discussion and emphasizing the prestigious and competitive nature of the Honors Scholarship.  I'm most appreciative for the networking opportunities and enthusiastically encourage others interested to apply!” - Anna Garcia, 2020 PGY-3 Scholar, University of New Mexico

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2019 Donor Reception 

All donations to the Scholars Fund are tax-deductible.


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