Attend AAGP's 2017 Annual Meeting

AAGP is excited to announce the theme of the 2017 AAGP Annual Meeting will be "Integrated Geriatric Mental Health Care Through Innovation." We are making great strides in our understanding of the brain, its mechanisms, and pathologies. Breakthroughs are being made in our understanding of both normal and pathologic aging as well as in novel strategies to ameliorate age-related pathologies and to improve quality of life during normal aging.


The 2017 AAGP meeting will highlight the evolving science and practice of healthy aging by having presentations and discussion around the basic and applied science and practice of promoting and sustaining brain health during the aging process. Potential topics may include understanding how physical and mental exercise alters the aging process, cognitive training, mindfulness training as well as ways to integrate and train mental health professionals to be able to implement these research and clinical strategies in their practice.


In addition, the AAGP 2017 Program Committee also highlighted potential related topics:


  • The science of behavior change
  • Sex and Sexuality in aging
  • HIV and aging
  • Critical care and its impact on cognitive and emotional aging
  • Head trauma and its aftermath
  • PTSD/Trauma and aging
  • Pain and analgesic use in aging
  • Issues of marijuana use and substance use in aging
  • Successful models of systems of care
  • Is aging a disease?
  • Challenges for aging veterans
  • Normal and abnormal changes in emotional regulation in aging
  • Training for the early career psychiatrist and developing the clinician educator
  • Training and employment opportunities for International Medical Graduates