Geriatric Psychiatry Highlights: 2019 Literature Review

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Laurel Bessey, MD
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health
Jenny Tumba, MD
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health
Silpa Balachandran, MD
Metrohealth - Case Western Reserve University


Summary: In this session, Drs. Tumba and Balachandran will present an overview of highlighted studies from 2019 relevant to the clinical practice of geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Bessey will serve as faculty discussant. Studies for consideration will include recent advances in the assessment and treatment of mental health within the geriatric population, and advances from other geriatric disciplines that are applicable to practicing geriatric mental health providers. In order to promote efficient learning, critical thinking, and discussion, this symposium will cover a broad range of topics within the clinical practice of geriatric psychiatry.


UAN: JA4008163-9999-20-151-H04-P
Activity Type: Knowledge Based

Objectives for Webinar:

1. Participants will become familiar with clinically relevant research in geriatric psychiatry from the year 2019.
2. Learners will engage in critical assessment of research presented including strengths and limitations.
3. Participants will learn about recent advances in knowledge and approaches in geriatric mental health, and identify opportunities to apply what they’ve learned to their practice.
4. Participants will be encouraged to continue the discussion of recent research with colleagues in their home institutions and practices.

Acknowledgement of Support
This webinar is supported in part by an unrestricted educational grant provided by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).


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