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A geriatric psychiatrist is a medical doctor with special training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders that may occur in older adults. These disorders include, but are not limited to, dementia, depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse/misuse, and late-life schizophrenia.

Older adults have special physical, emotional, and social needs. Understanding this, the geriatric psychiatrist takes a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. He or she will listen and respond to the concerns of the older adult, help families, and when necessary, work with other health care professionals to develop effective approaches to treatment.

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Takeshita, Junji Honolulu, HI United States (808) 586-2900
Tatini, Prasanti Tallahassee, FL United States
Taylor, Warren Nashville, TN United States (615) 322-1073
Teverovsky, Esther Pittsburgh, PA United States 412-958-9348
Thibeault, Amy Kamloops, Canada 250-554-2323 ext.2218
Thompson, Matthew Houston, TX United States (713) 456-8130
Thompson, Sarah Rothesay, Canada (506) 215-0323
Threlfall, Alexander Healdsburg, CA United States (215) 279-4440
Tobolowsky, David Pinecrest, FL United States (305) 667-1101
Torres, Alfredo Monroe, LA United States (318) 651-8337
Trader, David Los Angeles, CA United States (310) 277-3883
Trevisan, Louis Milford, CT United States (203) 258-1008
Trinh, Nhi-Ha Boston, MA United States (617) 724-4279
Trinkle, David Roanoke, VA United States (540) 981-7653
Tsao, Hai Fredericktown, PA United States (484) 832-2542
Tsuzaki, Brian Kailua, HI United States (808) 586-2900
Tune, Larry Atlanta, GA United States (404) 728-4960
Vadalia, Jwalant Manchester, NH United States (603) 645-5977
Valdez, Karen Abington, United States 512-509-3403
Valentine, Alan Houston, TX United States (713) 792-7546
Van Bussel, Elisabeth , (519) 4555110
van Dyck, Christopher New Haven, CT United States (203) 764-8100
Van Ulft, Stephanie Springfield, IL United States 217-545-7670
Vanterpool, Joycelyn Lake City, FL United States (706) 787-7217
Varshney, Smita Rome, GA United States (706) 936-4251
Varteresian, Taya Long Beach, CA United States 562-826-8000 ext 4520
Vaswani, Sanjay Newport Beach, CA United States (949) 200-7103
Velehorschi, Corina Windsor, ONT, Canada
Vellanki, Vijaya Honolulu, HI United States (808) 586-2900
Venkataraman, Srimathi San Jose, CA United States 408-366-4409

The doctors listed are members of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP). Membership in the AAGP does not constitute certification of a member doctor's competence, qualifications, or expertise. The AAGP makes no representation regarding the qualifications of practitioners listed or the type or quality of treatment they provide. The AAGP undertakes no monitoring with regard to its members’ practices or conducts, and is not responsible for any patient care provided by its members. Any unauthorized use of the results of this search feature is prohibited. For information about renting a mailing list of geriatric psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, please e-mailmain@aagponline.org.

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