Member Participation: Join the Discussion

Published Friday, August 31, 2012

Want to learn more about the association or delve into a particular topic with members who share your interests? Join an AAGP e-mail discussion group. E-mail lists (or list servs) are set up the associationís committees, caucuses, and interest groups: 

  • Clinical Practice Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Teaching and Training Committee
  • Advanced Practice Nurses Caucus
  • Disaster Preparedness Caucus
  • MIT Caucus
  • Public Policy Caucus
  • Retirement Age Caucus
  • VA Caucus
  • Diversity Caucus
  • International Medical Graduates Interest Group
  • Ethnic Minorities Interest Group
  • LGBT Interest Group
  • Womenís Interest Group 

To subscribe to a list and learn more about the association structure, visit You will need to log into the website to access this member-only page.

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