News for Members-in-Training

Published Monday, November 18, 2013
by Isis Burgos-Chapman, MD, MIT Board Member

clientuploads/Isis Yale Pic web.jpgI am thrilled and honored to have been elected to serve as your Member-in-Training (MIT) Representative for this coming year. My goal is to work with you to collectively increase MIT involvement within the various groups/caucuses of the AAGP and continue to modify the trainee section of the AAGP website.  I would also like to work with you on pivotal issues such as recruitment, training needs and transitioning into practice. I am eager to hear from you regarding your thoughts and suggestions for how we could together make this an even better organization for current and future AAGP members.

One of the venues that I have found most helpful to be involved with has been the MIT Caucus. This caucus allows trainees to come together during the year and at the AAGP annual conference as a means of achieving shared goals and objectives. As MITs, you are all welcomed to join if you have not already done so by going on the following site:

I invite all of you to contact me with thoughts/suggestions regarding issues you think would be important for the MIT Caucus to focus on. One way to help facilitate this communication process is to make use of our MIT listserve: In the weeks and months to come I will explore other means of opening the lines of communication between us.  Please contact me with suggestions if you happen to be technologically savvy. 

Every two weeks AAGP publishes the eNews.This publication will serve as another means of communication between us. If interested, you can submit items for publication in the eNews which are typically due one week before the issue is sent out. If you have an interest in submitting a publication you can contact Kate McDuffie at

The AAGP trainee site will continue to undergo some revisions and updates over the coming months. If you think of any documents, articles, tools, or other resources that you have come across in your training and think may be useful for other AAGP MITs, please let me know. In the meantime I encourage you to explore the existing AAGP Trainee site at

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., feel free to contact me at Thank you again for this opportunity to serve as your representative. I hope to meet many of you at the annual conference in Orlando, Florida.