Training Directors

Training Directors Program
The AAGP Training Directors Workshop is open to all directors of geriatric psychiatry fellowship programs, or their designees. This long-running, annual workshop is designed to:

  • present new ideas to help directors of geriatric psychiatry fellowship programs to grow their programs and improve upon educational offerings;
  • foster a team approach to recruiting students into the field of psychiatry and into geriatrics specifically;
  • and to give training directors an opportunity to discuss issues, regulations, and current events that are impacting their training programs. 

The program is open to all training directors or their designees, but advance registration is requiredFree to AAGP members.  Register on the general annual meeting registration form (

List of Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Programs
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) website lists geriatric psychiatry training programs. Visit and select "Search Program and Institutions" (top right). In the pull-down menu, select Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, and "run report programs" for the full list.

List Your Fellowship Program on AAGP's Website
Training Directors who are AAGP members may list their fellowship programs on AAGP’s website for access by trainees.  If you would like to list your program, please complete this form.  Listings will remain active for up to 1 year.  View your posted listing here.