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*Returning Members: If you have previously been a member of AAGP within the last four years, please use the Renew form. Board approval of new membership takes 3-4 weeks.

AAGP Membership Application for Non-Psychiatrists

Founded in 1978, the AAGP provides psychiatrists and other health care professionals with a special interest in mental health care of the elderly exceptional professional benefits through educational, informational, and interactive programs. This application will be reviewed and voted upon by the AAGP Board of Directors.


AAGP membership is based on the calendar year (January - December) and ends on December 31 of each year.



1. The applicant must have an advanced degree (masters level or higher); and
2. The applicant must meet ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:
2a. have an active research grant (as principal or co-investigator) in an area related to geriatric mental health;
2b. have attended the Summer Research Institute;
2c. spend at least 50% of his or her time in clinical practice (e.g., psychology, neuropsychology, internal or family medicine, neurology, nursing, or another discipline), teaching, or administration devoted to geriatrics.

*Notes: All prospective members (non-psychiatrist and psychiatrist members) are required to complete an application and will be accepted provided they meet the above criteria. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows may join at trainee rates as indicated below.


Rights and Benefits
Members are voting members of the Association as legally defined in its bylaws, and:

1. receive all standard member benefits (e.g., subscriptions, member discounts);
2. may serve as a director but not officer on the AAGP Board of Directors; and
3. participate for a reduced annual membership fee (see

2019 Annual Dues
Member: $295
Member-in-Training for Residents & Fellows: $50 (Post-doctoral fellows within first five years of fellowship)
Medical and Graduates Students: $25 (no Journal access)
Medical and Graduates Students: $50 (includes online only access to Journal)

2019 International Member Annual Dues
Dues are based on World Bank resident country income group category:
HI and UMI resident country: $295
LMI Resident Country: $135
LI Resident Country: $85

AAGP dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as a business expense subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. AAGP estimates the nondeductible portion of your dues to be 29%.

General Information  

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Do you have any research grant(s) related to geriatric psychiatry for which you are a principal or co-investigator?
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Demographics (optional)
Filling out this section is optional; however, information provided by potential members enables AAGP to respond to inquiries primarily from our members about diversity in the field and membership.
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Please list the names and phone numbers of two professional references that AAGP may contact who are familiar with your work related to geriatric mental health. AAGP members are preferred.
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Membership Information
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