AAGP invites members to get involved and seek leadership positions on committees and on the Board of Directors. The organization needs a continual infusion of active volunteers and leaders in order to grow and prosper. Take this opportunity to shape the future of your association.

How to Join a Committee

Getting involved in AAGP is easy! Click here to see a list of AAGP’s committees and caucuses. During the annual meeting, simply show up at a committee or caucus meeting and be a willing volunteer.

Pathway to Leadership

  1. Join a committee or caucus and actively participate. AAGP is an organization of volunteers, and those who are willing to dedicate time and effort are welcome. Contact your chair and ask how you can help.
  2. Seek a committee or caucus chair position. Talk with your committee chair or other AAGP leaders about how you can take on an increased role in a committee or caucus, perhaps as chair of a sub-committee or as a vice-chair. New volunteers are always needed.
  3. Run for the Board of Directors. Submit your application to the AAGP Nominations Committee. Your participation and leadership on AAGP committees or other task forces and projects will be heavily weighted by the nominations committee.


Email info@aagponline.org.