Geriatric psychiatrists and providers can locate resources to assist you with diagnosis and treatment of mental conditions affecting older adults. Here you can access information relating to patient care in a variety of settings, such as private practice, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, in-patient centers, and veteran care centers.

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AAGP Publications

AAGP Publications hold resources that assist members in staying at the forefront of the field of geriatric psychiatry and patient care.

American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry is the authoritative source of information for the rapidly developing field of geriatric psychiatry.


You can find important information and read about the many good things happening across the field of geriatric psychiatry here.


AAGP publishes a number of books and materials, as well as distributes select volumes from other publishers. The selection ranges from books, self assessments, and publications of ground-breaking research.

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Member Connect

The AAGP Member Connect HUB is the home of AAGP members. Here you will find resources that allow you to connect with AAGP members around the world, engage in important initiatives, take action, grow yourself and others while making the world a better place.

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Careers in Geriatric Psychiatry

Explore careers in geriatric psychiatry. Improving patient lives and their families, training the next generation of geriatric psychiatrists and finding cutting edge treatment options and opportunities for prevention. Find out what skills you need to succeed, the salary you can expect to earn, as well as the career outlook.

Continuing Education

Obtain on-demand content with both formal and informal learning activities and methods to further develop your skills and knowledge in the field of geriatric psychiatry from experts from around the world.

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Op Ed Writing Educational Seminar *No CE Available*

In this 1-hour seminar, sponsored by the AAGP Teaching and…

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AAGP 2022 Geriatric Psychiatry Review Course On Demand

Traditionally an in-person course, this year’s event was held virtually…

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Innovations in Dementia Care Using Sensors and Artificial Intelligence

Digital phenotyping using various sources of sensor data is expected…

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